Mar 15 2013

Annual Pet Exams!

At least on an annual basis, your pet should receive a comprehensive physical examination. If over 10 years of age, a routine blood test should also be performed to determine if any internal health problems exist.

Kidney disease and failure, as well as liver disease can occur as our pets get older. Knowing if these problems exist prior to your pet showing symptoms of disease, can be quite helpful. In addition, early treatment can prevent or slow progression of disease.

Certainly any persistent symptom your pet has should always be brought to your veterinarian’s attention – don’t put it off!

An annual physical examination, or semi-annual if your pet is over 12-14 years of age, is always a smart way of preventing emergency visits to your veterinarian, and catching a potential problem before it has a chance of becoming a real problem. If a condition is allowed to progress, in some cases, treatment for your pet may be too late.

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