Mar 13 2013

7 Ways Pets Have It Better Than Humans

We all take pride in pampering our pups and cats, but just how spoiled can they get? Here are just a few ways that our pets have it made in comparison to their lowly, two-legged owners.

1.Their Schedule is Set

Think about a world with no business meetings, no forced lunches with great aunt so-and-so’s and no worries about making a 5-o’clock train. For a pet, the most disruption they’ll ever have in their calendar is if they’ll have their afternoon nap on your couch, your bed or in your car on the way to someplace new and exciting.

2.They Always Know Where Their Next Meal is Coming From

How many makeshift meals have you come up with in a pinch using three random cupboard items and jar of sauce because you didn’t have time to shop? Our pets almost always come first when it comes to keeping them fed and they never have to guess who their chef de cuisine will be or which place setting to use for their Sunday supper.

3.They Have Their Own Maids

Imagine never having to make a bed, dust a floor or pick up your things ever again. Our pets can shed all over the place, strew their toys about and tear their beds (and ours!) apart without ever having to suffer the consequences. A person could get pretty used to forgetting how to turn on a vacuum … forever.

4.They Can Play the ‘Cute’ Card

When they do shed all over the place, strew their toys about and tear their beds apart, the only thing that keeps us from tossing our pets out on their tails is simple: they’re just too darn cute. No matter what they’ve done, our spoiled pet’s big eyes and little whimper never fail to cut straight to our hearts.

5.They Don’t Have to Work

Pets only have one job to do, and they don’t even consider it work. Their love comes easily and never wavers, no matter how rough their day at the dog part or vet is. You’ll never have to worry about them double-booking or blowing off scheduled meetings for long walks or some quality couch time.

6.They Have a Single Outfit (and it’s Always in Style)

Our pets only have one look and it sure doesn’t matter to them what the length, style or cut of that look is. With a little grooming, they’re always street-ready and out the door in a moment’s notice. Just think of the time you’d save getting ready every day if you only had to brush or comb your hair and go!

7.Their Priorities Never Waver

You never have to guess twice what your pet wants, or the order they usually want it in. As long as you’re giving them a little food and a few toys to play with, you’ll always know what tops their list of priorities: hanging with their favorite people.
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