Mar 01 2013

Oddest Places Cats Hide

Hide and Seek!

Our adorable cats are usually right by our side at every waking moment. But at times cats enjoy their space and may hide in unique places for some much-need downtime. We choose our favorite clever places our four-legged friends love to hide in.

Cat in the Box

The box you just brought home is an instant hit with your cat! Most cats don’t enjoy lounging in open spaces so this box is the perfect hideaway. If your kitty enjoys hiding in a box, try putting a cozy blanket at the bottom for added comfort. This way she can hide out and be kept warm all at the same time.

Under a Pillow

Cats are known to be the kings of trickery. Many times you can find your furry friend hiding under a soft cushion in your couch. Kitty thinks he’s never going to be discovered in his hiding spot. For the time being, he can enjoy his time in peace until family TV night begins!

Under the Covers

Let’s face it, your feline loves to lay in bed with you on a chilly winter morning. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when you find your kitty nestled under your covers. As for the cat, he’s hoping to hide long enough to catch just a few more Z’s.

Under a Dresser

Cats love to feel safe and secure. Hiding under a dresser allows your furry friend to hide in a cave-like space in peace and quiet.

In a Dresser

Now this may one of the most bizarre places we have found cats hiding. There’s no better way to win a game of hide-and-seek then jumping into the middle of a dresser. We would never even think of looking there for our adorable friend! The cat wins this round.

In a Grocery Store Paper Bag

Cats eyes light up when you return from the grocery store. They are happy to see you, but they are secretly eyeing the paper bags you just brought home. After you unload your groceries, don’t be alarmed if you get a sudden surprise leaping out of a bag for a hug. Cats love to hide in paper bags because it accommodates their small physique.

You Can’t See Me

Cats think they’re sly when choosing a creative hiding spot. If you can’t find your kitty, a good place to look is under the couch. Tip to the cat: don’t follow the cat pictured above, try hiding your tail, too!

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