Feb 13 2013

Four-Legged Valentines

7 reasons that pets are our favorite sweethearts.

Pet owners show their love for their four-legged companions every day. But in honor of Valentine’s Day, we put together some reasons why the pets in our lives are our dearest sweethearts.

1. Pets give us unconditional love. Our furry friends show us affection, compassion, and love for no reason other than just being ourselves.

2. Pets inspire us. Even in the face of past hardships or physical obstacles, animals persevere and keep their hearts open to love.

3. Pets are loyal. Whether they’re just barking at the wind or raising their fur at shadows, pets try to protect us from harm.

4. Pets make us smile. Our pets delight us and make us laugh constantly — whether they’re chasing their own tails or letting us dress them up!

5. Pets console us. Whenever we’re feeling sad or down, pets instinctively know when to comfort us.

6. Pets enrich our lives. Whether through helping us stay fit, or keeping our stress level down, our four-legged friends help us live longer and better.

7. Pets teach us to be better people. By opening our hearts to our furry friends, we learn about the value of compassion and patience.
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