Jan 22 2013

Celebrities Pampered Pets

Lifestyles of the four-legged rich and famous.

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Well, sure, they have more money than they know what to do with, and yes, there are the legions of adoring fans. But, when it comes to being absolutely crazy about their pets and doing whatever they can do to spoil them, pet lovers are pet lovers the world over.

Of course, celebrities are able to take the notion of spoiling their pets to entirely new heights. (Maybe they aren’t just like us after all.)

One of the most famous instances is the Queen of Mean herself, Leona Helmsley. The billionaire real estate investor and hotel operator might have been known for terrorizing her staff and stiffing contractors on bills, but when it came to her beloved Maltese, Trouble, she spared no expense. Not only was the pooch pampered when her owner was alive, Helmsley even left Trouble a $12 million trust fund in her will when she died in 2007 — a sum made even more unbelievable by the fact that Helmsley left absolutely nothing to two of her grandchildren. Trouble’s inheritance was cut down to $2 million by a Manhattan judge at the request of Trouble’s trustees, reports The Wall Street Journal. That amount will allow the coddled canine to live out her life in style, after which, according to the Washington Post, her remains will be buried next to her owner’s at the Helmsley mausoleum.

Jennifer Aniston has proven herself to be a devoted dog owner, taking her recently departed furry friend, Norman, all over the world with her on movie shoots, and even appearing on “Chelsea Lately” with the corgi-terrier mix in February (not that Aniston is the only one to take a pet to a talk show — Adam Sandler actually interviewed his dog, Matzo Ball, when he hosted “Late Show With David Letterman”). That affection was made even more obvious earlier this month when she purchased a $4.95 million New York penthouse under the name Norman’s Nest Trust.

Speaking of pricey palaces, Paris Hilton has shelled out a significant sum to give her countless petite pups a spectacular back yard shelter. The miniature mansion, decorated along the lines of Hilton’s home’s girly, pink theme, is two stories with a living room, bedroom and closet. The cost? $325,000 according to Luxist (and, we imagine, a number of eye rolls from the people who built the structure).

Another celebrity known for diva-like behavior, Mariah Carey, had all her babies — furry and two-legged alike — in mind when she hired a pet psychologist to work with her four Jack Russell terriers prior to the arrival of her twins this spring, reports The Independent. She and husband Nick Cannon were already known for spoiling their dogs, JJ, Cha-Cha, Dolomite and Jackie Lambchops, with parts in video shoots and their own entourage, so it’s really no surprise that they’d go to a professional to ensure a smooth transition, right?
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