Jan 11 2013

Could Your Pet Be a Movie Star?

Last years Academy Awards left some animal lovers outraged at a glaring omission — the performance of star canine “Uggie” from the film “The Artist.”

Although the movie was nominated for an impressive ten nominations, including Best Picture, Uggie’s scene-stealing performance was overlooked by the Academy voters. In recent months, a grassroots movement had been building to give Uggie his spot on the red carpet, including a ”Consider Uggie” Facebook campaign.

Even if Uggie isn’t headed for Oscar gold this year, many pet owners may still be wondering if their four-legged friend has the acting chops to strike it big in Hollywood.

Being a famous furry film star takes a lot more than a cute face and charismatic personality. The schedule of an acting animal can be grueling, and the work calls for concentration and patience. Fortunately, organizations like the American Humane Association closely monitor and protect the rights of animals on set.

And life in Hollywood gives some animals more than bragging rights at the dog park. For some canine and feline stars, acting gives them a second “leash” on life. Many of the largest pet agencies, such as Boone’s Animals for Hollywood, rescue their talented animals from shelters.
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