Dec 11 2012

Best Smart Phone Apps for Your Dog!

New smartphone apps for dogs and their owners.

In the modern digital age, smartphone applications seem to exist for just about any purpose that users can imagine. And for iPhone users, handy applications for dogs help owners stay prepared for rescue, training, fun and safety. Ranging from 99 cents to $2.99, all are available for download from the iTunes store.

The veterinarian-designed application, Pet-Rescue, for $1.99, is a valuable aid to handling emergencies involving strays, injured pets or wild animals. A GPS locator directs users to the nearest 24-hour veterinary clinics or rescue facilities, animal shelters, or wildlife centers.

Wisely, the app’s developer, RU Advertising, placed the First Aid Guide component offline, so it can be accessed without an Internet connection, saving precious time when looking up what to do when a dog is hit by a car, for example. The app also allows owners to stow their own veterinarian’s vital information to retrieve it in a hurry.

Dog Whistle is a 99-cent application that uses a digitalized whistle to help owners train their dogs. The app is capable of generating different frequencies; to determine which one is best for their dog, developer WaWa Mobile, advises playing different frequencies while the pet snoozes. The frequency that makes Fido’s ears prick up is the right one. Lest one forget which frequency that is, the app includes a method of saving the setting to use and re-use later.

Owners can train their dogs to respond to 11 different patterns of high-frequency tones to trigger 11 different responses from Fido. Two long bursts could mean, “Fetch!” and one short burst could mean, “Stop Barking!” In fact, the bark detector even triggers a tone pattern when the dog’s barking exceeds a set threshold.

Pawtrotter is indispensable to the pet owner traveling around the U.S.A. with the pooch. The GPS application reveals the closest dog parks, dog runs, and pet-friendly beaches. Travelers can also search out the nearest groomers, sitters, boarders and pet stores, and if necessary, veterinarians and pet hospitals. The app also displays pet-friendly hotels, along with the requisite deposit amounts.

Searches can be narrowed by category, distance, price, and rating, then called or mapped straight from the phone. Users can rate these services and add their own photos. The app is available for $2.99, with a portion of the profits going to the American Humane Association.

The iKibble application advises dog-owners what “people food” can safely be fed the family dog. Owners can scroll through lists of foods alphabetically — such as Beets, Bell Pepper, Berries, Blackberry — to see if they’re pooch-friendly. Food that is toxic to dogs, such as onions, is indicated with a dog whimper as well as a written caution.

The 99-cent app, developed by Llamaface Co., also provides recipes for meals that a human and canine can enjoy together. Users can search by food-group category or by health rating. This app also offers recipes for home-cooked meals Fido can enjoy alone.
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